It is estimated from organizational development research that only one in five teams are considered high performing. ( This can be significant because of the amount of time and money wasted on teams whose performance is poor and unproductive. Understanding the importance of team formation is therefore critical knowledge for organizations. Team member selection should not be treated haphazardly. Spending time to think the goals of the team and the actions necessary for tasks completion are just 2 of the areas that need consideration, here are a few other things to keep in mind when forming a team: * Creating a standardize process how team members assimilate onto the team * Conducting team member interviews to make sure that both skills and personalities will compliment the other team members * Selecting members who will bring divergent perspectives Investing time into team member formation is time well spent. The most effective teams have given some forethought into team formation. We can help you develop both a strategy for team formation as well as help you to determine the best team composition for the desired outcomes.