The Snake that poisons everybody

it topples governments,

wrecks marriages,

ruins careers, best reputations, causes heart aches,

nightmares, indigestion, spawns suspicion, generates grief,

dispatches innocent people to cry in their pillows.

Even its name hisses.

It’s called GOSSIP.

Office gossip, shop gossip,

party gossip.

It makes headlines and heartaches.

Before you repeat a story, ask yourself:

Is it true?

Is it fair?

Is it necessary?

If not, shut up.

My name is GOSSIP

I have no respect for justice.

I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives.

I am cunning, malicious and gather strength with age.

The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.

I flourish at every level of society.

My victims are helpless.

They cannot protect themselves against me because

I have no name and no face.

To track me down is impossible.

The harder you try, the more elusive I become.

I am nobody’s friend.

Once I tarnish a reputation,

it is never quite the same.

My name is GOSSIP.

Source: Harry Gray, United Technologies Corporation, Wall Street Journal.

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