During the past few weeks, I have had a couple of family members complain of cold symptoms. Running nose, general aches and pains and lethargy. Just doing what they had to “get by”. . Not feeling sick enough to be in bed, but not feeling a 100% either, just kind of “blah”. After dragging around for 2 weeks feeling “blah”, I asked them why didn’t they go to the doctor and get some antibiotics? The response? “I don’t know, I guess maybe I should”.
Have you ever worked on a team that was just “blah”, that felt like they might have a “cold”? Not completely failing but not really excelling either, just producing blah-kind-of-work? Then that could be a symptom that your team has a “cold”.
The productivity levels of teams will let you know if they might need a check-up
• Missed deadlines
• Lack luster performance
• Disengagement
• Conflict
• Apathy
• Absenteeism
• Power struggles
• Groupthink
These as well as other behaviors may be symptoms that your team is in need of some attention. We can help! We specialize in:
• Team effectiveness
• Team productivity
• Team engagement
• Team synergies
• Creating team cohesiveness virtually
• Team communication