I love working with teams, pure and simple, it is part of my calling. Teams are fascinating to me, they can be both challenging and rewarding. In my years of working with teams and groups I have learned a lot. One of the most important things I have learned is that the healthiest and most effective teams make being “in” relationship with one another a priority.

Successful teams have spent time discussing some type of “ground rules” regarding team functioning. Whether it be “Rules of Engagement”, “Guiding Principles” or a “Team Charter” most teams create something to help them stay on track and effective.

eTIP: To Grow a Healthy Team Develop a Team Charter

When developing your Team Charter include some of the following important ingredients:

C – CONFLICT – embrace conflict with a healthy perspective, conflict is both normal and necessary to effective team functioning

H – HUMOR – take time to laugh and have fun

A – ACCOUNTABILITY – effective teams hold themselves and each other accountable to complete tasks

R – REALNESS – life’s too short to be fake, allow yourself to be known

– TRUST – create a safe atmosphere so that trust can grow

E – EVERYONE MATTERS – make sure everyone feels heard and can use their voice

R – RESULTS – Healthy teams get results – create a scorecard to track important results

What you feed grows…FEED YOUR TEAM!