I had a conversation with someone this week that was struggling with giving themselves permission to “unplug from work”. In this age of digital bombardment, unplugging from work can be a tall order, but it is necessary.

Unplugging from work related stress and issues can be a positive and a necessary action to help maintain our focus and prolong our productivity. It is difficult to maintain 90% – 100% productivity all the time if we don’t take time to unplug and recuperate. The challenge may be for you to give yourself permission to unplug.

Here are a few positive outcomes from unplugging:

  • It helps to prevent burnout by allowing time for rest and relaxation
  • It can provide an opportunity to re-strategize your work and focus
  • It can be easier to gain a new or different perspective by disengaging from an action
  • It will help to manage your emotional and physical energy
  • It can allow you the ability to set boundaries
  • It can provide you time to reassess your work and relationships
  • It is easier to recognize when something or someone has become dysfunctional’
  • It can provide space for creativity to emerge

Need permission? Then here it is, “YES, YOU MAY!”